Training services

Training Services

We have multiple training efforts and are constantly developing other partners. The aim of our trainings is for the people to leave with practical tools they can use the very next day. That is not enough, though. We also want participants to understand the multiple layers of science for those practical tools, how to be an “everyday scientist” of the effects and processes, so that they can adapt or innovate for continuous improvement, and become part of a larger learning community to grow the knowledge, practice, and success. 

Our training services draw people from diverse walks of life, and we want people who have hands-on experience not just academic learning. We use evidence-based kernels, which are the smallest units of scientifically proven behavioral influence, in the training programs and processes. We offer training in many areas:

-    How to create PAX (productivity, peace, health, and happiness) in classrooms and schools.

-    How to create PAX outcomes in a human service organizations or healthcare.

-    How to create PAX in business or programmatic services. 

Trainings for the PAX Good Behavior Game, Reward & Reminder or use of evidence-based kernels to help military families or individuals with addictions are excellent examples for such training.

Please contact PAXIS about how we might meet your training needs.