PAXIS Institute provides practical and unique scientific, consultation, program development, training, and speaking services to organizations all over the world. Our services are solution-oriented projects to increase measures of more peaceful, productive, healthy, and happy communities, organizations, families, schools, businesses, and other entities. We also partner with colleges and universities, research groups, and non-profits seeking to make big change. we also partner with businesses to develop products that individuals or groups can obtain easily to improve human wellbeing. Our collaborations result in products for changing human behavior in the real world for peace, productivity, health, and happiness. 

Our teams and partners work on finding effective, practical solutions to human problems and aspirations. While other companies seek to make the next big thing that runs on electronic or silicon-based platforms that require batteries or a grid, we aspire to nurture creative synergy of passionate organizations as the first “carbon valley” to produce practical, cost-effective solutions for the world’s issues vexing human futures and wellbeing. We search for solutions that are done with other people, not to them. We search for solutions that allow every person-regardless of wealth, age, status, or education, to have an active role in bettering their world and themselves.

Our work on developing solutions is guided by deep scientific principles that can be translated for all to use and understand. Further, the same scientific and development work is guided by an unshakeable commitment of values of maximizing people's increase of freedom, health, wellbeing, and measurable benefits that they have identified and co-created.