Reward & reminder

Reward & Reminder

Reward & Reminder, a population-level intervention targeting whole communities, counties, or States, is designed to promote the community norm of not selling tobacco to minors. By using rapid and public rewards recognition for clerks and retailers/outlets that do not sell tobacco to minors, Reward & Reminder aims to reduce illegal sales of tobacco, perceived access to tobacco, and tobacco use prevalence rates. The intervention emerged from a contextual analysis of factors affecting the behavior of store clerks, retailers, and the tobacco industry overall. At the core of the program is the use of “mystery shoppers,” teams of youth who—with parental permission and under the supervision of adults—enter stores and try to buy tobacco products. They provide immediate recognition and rewards, such as gift certificates, to clerks who do the “right thing” and gave reminders to those who do not. 

Reward & Reminder works because it is science-based. It is the result of considerable study of human behavior. The studies show that public recognition and reward of good behavior by stores and clerks for doing the right thing and not selling tobacco and/or alcohol to minors reduces illegal sales of tobacco and/or alcohol to minors faster than enforcement, which is then saved for people who are really intent on breaking the law.

Reward & Reminder works because it is inclusive. Everyone is involved. The program is not aimed at youth; it includes them and the community, too. Everyone is givin a role in sharing the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of our youth. 

Reward & Reminder works because it is positive. The program works to reinforce and recreate positives behaviors as a means of reducing negative behaviors, such as illegal tobacco and or alcohol sales to minors, or youth tobacco and/or alcohol use. 

Reward & Reminder puts a positive spin on tobacco and/or alcohol control.

Reward & Reminder works because it is simple.