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What does it mean to be a
PAX Tools Community Educator?

PAX Tools Community Educator Training 

PAX Tools is a collection of trauma-informed, evidence-based behavioral strategies for families and communities to promote the development of self-regulation of the children in their lives. Adults who participate in PAX Tools Community Workshops receive the strategies and materials they need to effectively use PAX Tools with children, including the PAX Tools App. PAX Tools Community Workshops are presented locally by PAX Tools Community Educators. 

PAX Tools Community Educator Training is offered as 9 hours of content where participants observe a PAX Tools Community Workshop, participate in teaching sections of the content, and learn about implementing PAX Tools in their own community.  

An individual who completes this training will become a Certified PAX Tools Community Educator, authorized to provide PAX Tools Community Workshops in their own community. Participants in PAX Tools Community Educator training will receive a manual, as well as training materials for each PAX Tool. Upon completion of the training, certified PAX Tools Community Educators receive access to online resources, ongoing technical assistance and professional development provided by PAXIS. 

Who Should Attend PAX Tools Community Educator Training? 


Ideal candidates serve in one of the following areas: 

  • Parent Educators 

  • Health Educators 

  • Prevention Educators 

  • Extension Educators 

  • Social Service Providers 

  • Volunteer Coordinators 

  • Foster Care and Respite Providers 

  • Faith-Based Youth Workers / Volunteers Mental Health / Substance Abuse Providers

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