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Meet our Founder

Our Directors

David Neri

Director of Operations

Erin Roepcke, MSW

Director of Business Development

Erin brings a varied background to her work at PAXIS including experience in performance, education, program development, parenting and parent education, integrated health and family therapy. Erin began her college career in vocal performance, but ultimately earned a BS in Family Studies and Human Development and served 2 years with Teach for America in Washington, DC. While her focus since 2003 has been parenting her own and “bonus” children that have entered her life, she also worked to develop and implement community and private programming for children, youth and family. 

Prior to officially joining the PAXIS team, Erin worked as a Child and Family Therapist focusing on assessment and treatment of young children who have experienced abuse, neglect or family violence; and providing therapeutic services and supports to children, and the adults who care for them. Erin is passionate about making tools and resources accessible to caregivers, including teachers, to help these children heal from their histories and to create safe, Nurturing Environments in homes, schools, and communities for all children.

Claire Richardson

Director of Indigenous Programs

Claire is one of the co-authors of the PAX Good Behavior Game. She provides frequent workshops and lectures along with Dr. Dennis Embry on children’s brain development, prevention and social policy using low-cost or no-cost practices. She also gives workshops and presentations on low-cost or no-cost ways to prevent the harmful things that are impacting our children. In addition to her 20+ years of experience in prevention, Claire has extensive experience in parent education and support. She is accredited in Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) and has been working with Triple P International ro expand their work in the United States. 

Claire served as a board member for AVIVA Children's Services, a non-profit agency providing for the unmet needs of children in foster care. She was also an active member of the Marketing Committee for AVIVA Children’s Services.

David began his career with PAXIS in April 2019.  He comes from a broad range of experiences common to leadership positions with the City of Tucson, IBM, the Children’s Clinics of Tucson and he spent a number of years working as a private consultant.


Collectively, he has held positions of responsibility in the areas of: Collaboration and community building, leadership development, executive coaching, client relationships/partner management, small business administration, organizational assessment & development, workflow analysis for technology interventions, employee engagement/high performing teams, training and education, curriculum development/delivery, human resource facilitation & consulting.


David holds a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management/Human Resources from Park College.

Director of Product Development

Carmen has her Master’s degree in Human Development from Kent State University and is a Certified Family Life Educator and Certified Child and Youth Care Professional. Carmen currently serves as the President of the Ohio Council on Family Relations.


Much of her life has been devoted to empowering youth and strengthening families. Throughout Carmen’s career, she has implemented evidence based programs and has co authored several curricula. Most recently, Carmen has championed PAX throughout the state of Ohio and co-authored the community-companion curriculum, PAX Tools.


It is Carmen’s core belief that all children deserve nurturing adults who help support their success and development.


Outside of Carmen’s professional roles she enjoys spending time with her husband, two teenage children and labradoodles. Any of her spare time is spent bicycling, taking on a home-related project or experimenting with a new recipe.

Richard Clingaman

Director of Fulfillment

Linda Moore

Director of Finance

Linda joined PAXIS in January 2015. In her role she provides strategic leadership for the organization’s business and finance functions as well as management of financial and capital resources.  


Linda supports the PAX vision of increasing peace, productivity, health and happiness for our clients and funders, by providing leadership to ensure PAXIS has the liquidity needed to bring our products and services to the world, the measurement systems in place to accurately report the financial health of the organization and the insights to effectively forecast return on assets.  


Linda brings over 30 years of varied experience in operational and financial management. She held management positions in mid-sized technology manufacturing organizations serving in strategic cross-functional roles. After a short break focusing on being a full-time mom, Linda repackaged her big company skills and applied them in private practice to small businesses of many kinds by providing support in accounting, payroll, human resources, and operations management. Linda earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from the University of Arizona and enjoys being a lifelong learner. 

Carmen Irving

Richard began his career in education as a Speech Pathologist, and then as an elementary school teacher. He began his 34 years as an educator in his hometown of Ottawa, Ohio, moved to Detroit for ten years, and then taught sixth grade social studies in Tucson,Arizona for his last 23 years.


As Director of Fulfillment at PAX, he is responsible for purchasing all the items included in PAXIS Institute’s school programs. He works with graphic artists to prepare many of the materials for a variety of printers to manufacture the manuals, Tootle Note pads, booklets, and various cards.

Preparing the PAX materials for today’s teachers gives him joy in knowing that he is helping students and educators. Richard is also responsible for shipping boxes of PAX materials to schools and other organizations. It gave him great pleasure to ship PAX GBG kits to Ottawa, Ohio where he went to high school and had his first job in schools as a Speech Pathologist. Richard also ensures PAX GBG materials arrive safely to Ireland, Canada, Estonia, Sweden, Italy, Iceland, and


Managers & Consultants

Miriam Willmann

Cathy Crockett

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Jeanette's journey with PAX began in 2010 as a PAX Partner with the Green County ESC in Dayton, Ohio. Through her experience as a PAX Partner, Jeanette quickly developed a model to support and sustain PAX implementation and expansion throughout Ohio. Jeanette used her experience with PAX implementation to provide technical assistance

to sites across the United States. She is the lead author of both the PAX Partner manual and training, as well as an international PAX trainer. She currently supports PAX trained educators by providing resources like monthly PAX Newsletters, PAX Chats, and PAX Partner webinars. Jeanette also works closely with local, state, and international sites in strategic planning for large scale PAX

implementation and expansion. She also works as a trainer and consultant for sites across the United States and other international sites.


In her spare time, Jeanette enjoys running, biking, and spending time with her daughter Kiana.

Information Technology Manager

Miriam Willmann has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Miriam has been with PAXIS since 2005, but worked collaboratively with the organization for 3 years as Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator for the WI Wins program, a Reward and Reminder campaign designed by PAXIS. She has years of experience implementing local and statewide campaigns to stop illegal sales of alcohol and tobacco to underage persons.


Miriam also oversees all technology projects for PAXIS, including but not limited to web design, distance learning, as well as significant data collection and analysis. She manages the data for clients working on Reward and Reminder and the PAX Good Behavior Game. 

Jeanette Puskas

International PAX Trainer & Sustainability Team Manager

Manager of Training Programs

Cathy is a National Trainer for the PAX Good Behavior Game. After graduation from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Cathy worked for over 30 years in public education. She taught multiple content areas in grades spanning 1st - 8th, served as a Career Ladder Facilitator, Instructional Coach, Reading Facilitator, School Improvement Specialist, and School Administrator.


Cathy has a Masters degree in Education Leadership and is nationally Board Certified in Early Adolescent English/Language Arts. During her career, she also worked for the Arizona K-12 Center scoring Master Teacher Portfolios and providing in-services for teachers partnering with businesses. Cathy has worked for the Arizona Department of Education on state committees developing reading and writing standards, and at Pearson Testing Centers writing and reviewing test questions for the standardized tests. In addition to enjoying her work with PAXIS Institute, Cathy also supervises student teachers for the University of Arizona. 

Kathleen Pachin

Content Development Program Specialist

Kate Paolucci

Tools Program Manager

Kate Paolucci is the PAX Tools Manager. Kate earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Childhood Education from Kent State University and her Master’s Degree in Intervention from Malone University. She worked as an Intervention Specialist and PBIS Program Developer and Director at the elementary and middle-school levels for 8 years before joining the PAXIS team in 2020. Kate was originally introduced to and fell in love with PAX in 2017, when she was trained through her school district to use PAX Good Behavior Game in her classroom. Since that time, she worked to implement PAX GBG into her district’s PBIS program and support other teachers in their implementation of PAX. She also worked as a PAX Tools Master Trainer, training community educators to support families with PAX Tools, before taking over as PAX Tools Program Manager. Kate loves this work, as it aligns with her life’s passion of helping children live their happiest and most successful lives. In her free time, Kate finds enjoyment in time spent with her family, friends, and pets, in crafting projects, and in traveling, when she is able.

Bea Ramirez

Customer Relations Coordinator

Bea began her professional life as a classroom teacher at in inner city high school in El Paso, TX followed by a few years teaching Language Arts at the junior high level. From the classroom she segued into financial services where she spent the next 20 years, the last five years of which were spent with UBS. A lucky break (and good social network) brought her to PAXIS Institute where she has been blessed to be a member of the team for several years. 

Bea was born and raised in Santa Clara, NM, a small, dusty mining community in southwest New Mexico. From childhood, she knew she was a teacher at heart and when it came time for college there was no doubt what she would study. She graduated with a degree in secondary education from Western New Mexico University in 1974 and moved to the big city. What she wouldn’t have given to have PAX Good Behavior Game when she was in the classroom!!

Kathleen Pachin graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Early Childhood Studies, and later attained a Master’s degree in Reading Preparation at the University of Dayton. Kathleen is a former Early Childhood Educator and accomplished National Trainer for Paxis Institute. She taught early childhood for 16 years and used the Pax Good Behavior Game with her students during 6 of those years. Her kindergarten class starred in many of the Pax GBG training videos that we use in our presentations! She has also served as an adjunct Professor and Student Teacher Supervisor at the University of Dayton. She is organized and driven with an easy, quiet manner that lends itself to nurturing, engaging and motivating trainers, educators and stakeholders.  When Kathleen isn’t working on growing Pax, she likes to take long walks with her dog, Maverick.  She likes spending time with her husband Scott, daughter Lindsay, and sons Ben and Henry.  Their favorite Pax Granny’s Wacky Prize to do at home is a Pachin original – tossing goldfish crackers in the air to see who (out of the three kids and the dog) can catch the most in 2 minutes.

Bev Waters

Client Success Coach & National PAX GBG Trainer

Bev is a Client Success Coach and a National Trainer for the PAX Good Behavior Game.

She has a Masters degree in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona, and has worked for over 35 years in public education. Bev is proud to have been selected as one of the Top 10 Arizona Teachers of 2004. She was also fortunate to have been selected as the 2004 Arizona Science Teacher of the Year. She taught elementary school for 10 years, as well as high school science and health for over 20 years. She was an Instructional Coach and Professional Development Facilitator for numerous teachers, and served as an administrator for the Career Ladder program for several years. She was instrumental in developing/implementing Tobacco Prevention Programs into schools. 


Among her work internationally to provide programs and facilitate workshops in science, health wellness, and nutrition, Bev also very much enjoyed serving as president for the Tucson Chapter of Amigos de las Americas for over 4 years providing opportunities for young leaders to volunteer in community development in Latin American countries. 


Kimberly Rust

Business Development Administrator 

Kimberly received her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from Wright State University, and her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Antioch University Midwest. She has over 13 years of experience working in the field of education.


In addition to teaching, she worked as a PAX Partner for 8 years, coordinating PAX implementation efforts in more than 150 classrooms in Ohio. This includes grant work through School-Based Prevention Services for Wright State University’s College of Education and Human Services; Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services; and Greene Co. ESC. She currently helps coordinate state-wide PAX Trainings for the Ohio Cures Initiative and works with the marketing team on national training logistics. Prior to working in education, Kimberly worked for 11 years in healthcare public relations, coordinating internal/employee communications, media relations, public health campaigns, event planning and community relations. 

Kathy Merrell

Business Development Administrator

Kathy Merrell is a member of the PAXIS Contracts team, where she serves as a Business Development and Support Administrator working primarily with states on the West Coast. Within her role she works with clients to provide customer service, training and contracting information, as well as product purchasing services. 


Prior to joining the PAXIS team Kathy worked in a variety of customer service based industries, providing her with a range of skills that are valuable to her team, while also providing a wider spectrum of knowledge in the customer service field.


Outside of PAXIS Kathy finds enjoyment in time spent with her family and friends, as well as traveling when she has the chance.