Time with the people we love happens or not. Once gone, all we have are the memories of moments. At PAXIS, we came to realize that productivity at home is as important as productivity in the workplace. We have figured out ways for people to get things done and have more time left over for joy.


Many parents today are challenged to raise their children without significant help from extended family or the community. There are a few positive models for behavior for children. Media portrays a world that is scary and difficult. Many children witness violence in their neighborhoods and in their schools. At the same time, the workforce is spending more and more time working in order to afford the same standard of living. Parents are looking for answers to the simple problems as well as complex ones. “How much is too much screen time?” ”How can I make my child do homework without a fight?” “How do I keep my child safe while I am at work?” Answers can be found, PAXIS can help.