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Female Student

Karen M.

Cute PAX story: one of my kinders told me that she does PAX at home. She is teaching her little pre-k cousins about being a PAX Leader and Spleems. She counts their spleems every evening. She wants to help get them ready for next school year. ❤

Yamhill Community Care

We had a very successful training for teachers who will be using PAX Good Behavior Game in 2019, with another refresher training for experienced teachers. 🎉
We were lucky to have Dr. Dennis Embry come and deliver trainings and answer questions. 👍

Mike B.

5th Grade Teacher, Beardsley Elementary

"I can't see myself teaching without PAX. From where I was in 2012 in my classroom management style to where I am now is two totally different ends of the spectrum. For those teachers who say they can't do it, I say do it. It works."