Consultation services

Consultation Services

Our consultation services are about helping others create effective solutions to increase PAX (Peace, Productivity, Health and Happiness) in political jurisdictions, governmental programs or services, scientific projects on new problems, non-governmental organizations, as well as private entities. Thus, our consultation services might include helping clients:

-    Develop PAX in governmental organizations to increase productivity, peace, health and happiness in citizens served through policies, practices, programs, and strategies.

-    Develop scientific integration across disciplines and programs, including product development to solve new problems or concerns. 

-    Develop ways to enhance the cost-effectiveness of existing services by infusing low-cost evidence-based kernels or behavioral vaccines.

One example of our work in this field include developing the Reward & Reminder strategy to help governments save millions of dollars quickly, as well as significantly improving the health, wellbeing, and public safety of communities. Another example of work in this field is the development of Towards Flourishing, a Public Health Agency of Canada funded program to reduce post-partum depression in Manitoba.

Please contact PAXIS about how we might meet your consultation needs, as we have a number of scientists and experts who are gifted and helpful.