PAX in New South Wales, Australia

NSW Department of Education has introduced the internationally-recognised PAX Good Behaviour Game (PAX GBG) to our students, families and school communities. CONTINUED

PAX Web Tour

PAX Web Tour When we set out to create our new website, we knew that we wanted it to be a useful resource for anyone who is interested in PAX – whether they are a trained PAX teacher, a Community Educator presenting PAX Tools, or a stakeholder interested in finding the answer to the question,… Continued PAX Web Tour

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New Help Me Grow new program

“We’re kind of moving from that prevention piece into the intervention piece, but being able to serve those families because we see a need for it,” she said. “Governor DeWine is really good about giving us funding. He knows that it’s an important program, that it’s something that all of these families are benefiting from.… Continued New Help Me Grow new program