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PAXIS Institute is an international prevention science company that researches, develops, implements, and disseminates evidence-based prevention strategies that create a meaningful impact in real-world applications at the local, regional, and population level. 

What is PAX?

PAX, Latin for peace, is the title of a set of original evidence-based preventive interventions from PAXIS Institute designed for stakeholders spanning the youth system of care to provide evidence-based strategies to all adults who work with children and ensure Peace, Productivity, Health, and Happiness for everyone.


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Funding for PAX Good Behavior Game and PAX Tools

As a worldwide leader in prevention science programming, PAXIS institute is proud to partner in local, regional, and federal initiatives to improve lifetime outcomes for all children.

PAXIS Institute supports the Youth System of Care by providing evidence-based programming for individuals who support children in a number of environments including school-based, professional, out-of-school, and in the home.

PAX evidence-based programming provides a foundation of universal prevention for all stakeholders who interact with children including those in the system of care. This ensures youth-serving adults have trauma-informed evidence-based strategies to use as part of a community- and strengths-based approach to supporting young people. These programs have proven to provide optimal outcomes for children while meeting the unique needs of families and communities anywhere.

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